About Daniel Jackson

I am passionate about making great images. I am an artist and photographer based in Delaware but I find myself working all over the area. Wilmington, West Chester, Philadelphia, Main Line Pennsylvania, Maryland, it doesn't matter where, if you have an interesting project I would like to hear about it. I have a long visual-arts background, a Bachelors and a Masters of Fine Art and have been showing my paintings and photos nationally in galleries and museums for over 20 years. I have even gotten a few prestigious awards. You can find out more here: www.danieljacksonart.com. I enjoy coming up with creative solutions to help clients realize their projects to their full potential. I love working with others creatively and think my art background helps me to come up with unusual solutions to problems that inevitably arise when shooting. I began photographing architecture over a decade ago and have become fascinated by how I can compose and shape light to bring out the best in architecture. I think I have a slightly different way of looking and visualizing than most photographers. I am inspired by great art and try to apply it to everything I make.

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