Frequently Asked Questions

I have never hired a photographer before, where do I start?

The easiest way is to call or email and describe what you need. I am glad to work with clients within their budget and if I can't help you I can probably send you to someone who can. If you need architectural photography and would like to know all about working with an architectural photographer the Association of Media Professionals put together the best primer on the subject that I have seen, here.


Is it expensive?

There are all sorts of options to fit any budget. Photography pricing is typically related to the usage, so if you are a small businesses you pay a smaller amount because fewer people see the image. Even if you could only afford a single image It is important to note that just one great photo can have a huge impact on your business's image when used strategically. Just changing the header image on your Facebook, Houzz or Google+ page can be a great and inexpensive way to get your business to stand out from the crowd. You would be surprised at just how affordable it is. If you would like to know more about pricing as it relates to usage click here.


What is so special about an architectural photographer, couldn't any photographer shoot my project?

Architectural photography has special challenges and often requires special tools and skills. When I shoot architecture interiors or exteriors I use special tilt-shift lenses to correct the distortion that can be a problem when shooting architecture. Interiors are a special challenge because the range from light to dark is so vast. A good architectural photographer has methods for coping with blown-out bright white windows, full of haze and mixed light issues that make images look cheap. Lighting helps in many situations but also presents special challenges when done on the large scale architectural photography requires. I always have several different strategies to get the best image possible no matter the circumstances.


Food and architectural photography, isn't that a strange mix?

Not at all, both stay still and allow me to use photography in different and creative ways. Most of the time I shoot on a tripod with a very precise geared head. This allows me to shoot direct to my computer or iPad screen where I can scrutinize every detail and make the image better. With food and architecture rather than running around and shooting a million pictures and hoping I get something good when I go back and look at the pictures. I shoot a picture, figure out what I could improve and try again until I have the perfect image. When I shoot architecture, often the images are used to promote the space. To draw more traffic to the site. In this way, food and architecture really shine together. A restaurant can whet your appetite with great looking food and entice you to visit with inviting images of the dining room.


What can photography do for my business?

Somewhere deep in our psyche we are afraid of uncertainty. We are afraid to go to a new business without some idea of what we are in for. If you look at the architecture of businesses this psychological fact it is abundantly clear. The front entryway of a business is often exaggeratedly huge and full of windows, partly to draw you in with signage but also to rest your doubts. It lets you know that it is nice inside and there won't be any surprises. Think of a business with a small door and no windows and how forbidding that feels. Considering that many new customers are going to find your business online I think one of the best things I can offer a business is that my images can act as a big "open door" to potential customers. When people search for businesses online nowadays, rather than the yellow pages they find your business on an index site like yp, yelp, google+, Facebook or some other site like it. It is a narrow little window to grab peoples attention. When customers find you, is there a bright and inviting image there to greet them or something ho-hum? Consider how important this first impression can be to your business. Great photos can have a huge impact. They allow new businesses to easily look like the most established in their local market for a few hundred dollars. I can't image any better rate of return for an investment that size except perhaps a website.


Do you do retouching?

Yes I do, all the time. As an experienced artist I put my painting skills to task in photoshop all of the time. I am sought after as a retoucher and have worked editing other photographers work for publication for years now. In the course of my own work I remove exit signs, fire hydrants, fingerprints, wires, you name it, all invisibly with Photoshop. Most retouching is fairly simple and part of my usual image processing. However,I can also do more complex retouching like cleaning up an incomplete construction site when needed. I work on a calibrated monitor for accurate color whenever working on final files. Working with a calibrated monitor is the best way to insure good results when providing images for print and web use


My business has a brand and a "look" that I want to maintain. Can you give me the images I need?

Absolutely, I can tailor the look of the image to fit the use. Advertising might be a bit more lit and punchy and editorial photography might more natural looking. One of the most fun parts of my job is problem solving and helping clients get exactly what they need. In fact I wrote a blog entry recently called "The Fine Art of Digital File Processing" that discussed the wide range of outcomes available from the source material. Different uses often require different looks, but in the end I want to make the clients vision a reality, so I take whatever direction they have.


I never know what types of files to ask for, what do you provide?

I try to make it as easy as possible for my clients. I provide all of the images in Tiff and Jpeg and even an email sized version to use right away. That way you are covered no matter the use, print, web, emails, no problem.