Happy Easter!

What could be a better subject for a food photographer. Couldn't resist getting a couple shots of our annual tradition of coloring eggs for Easter. I can't really think of a food with more color. Well, maybe some veggies like tomato's but in terms of variety this is tough to beat. It is all very inspiring, I am thinking I might make an interesting image for my food portfolio.

Easter Eggs Jackson Food Photography Delaware

All of the bright colors just beg to be photographed and perhaps with a bit of creative photo cropping we will get something beautiful. All of the photographic food styling was done by my two child assistants. They insisted to be paid in candy, I let them know I don't have a special inside track with the easter bunny but it seemed to work out well for them. Over the next few days we planned to sample our colorful culinary creations but we were too sick from all of the candy. Lighting was a breeze, I like to light from down set with a nice soft light, you can find all of my food photography lighting secrets here.

Easter Eggs Jackson Food Photography Delaware overhead

If you have any questions or comments I would be glad to hear you out. If you are a chef or a restaurant or have a product that you need great food photography for, I would be glad to provide a quote. I am happy to hear about your project and it doesn't cost a thing to ask.